Personal care that keeps their living standards

Find comfort and security for mom or dad

The truth is often difficult to accept: Mom is no longer as capable as she used to be. You are no longer confident that she’ll stay safe and healthy living on her own. You’re looking for an assisted living facility that will treat her with love and dignity, that will give her a life of comfort and joy. Look no further than Sterling Home, where Mom can once again live with well-being and friendship.

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Supportive surroundings

Staying active and healthy is not an easy task for senior citizens.

Our staff encourages residents to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life despite the challenges they face.


Pleasant, clean facility

With a newly-remodeled building and an administration determined to keep it clean, you can feel confident that Dad will be in a clean, comfortable, roomy place.


Caring staff

We choose staff that will meet our residents’ needs with dignity and warmth. The staff treats each personal need with respect and takes care of it promptly.


Delicious food

There’s nothing as comforting as the smell and taste of tasty, nourishing food.

We provide three appetizing meals each day that keep up their zest to live.


Quality care

When it comes to medical care, we work with the top doctors and therapists to deal with any medical issue that comes up.


Invigorating activities

Residents enjoy a full schedule of meaningful and stimulating activities. 

It’s never too late to learn how to do something new!


The care they need:

  • Attentive staff
  • Relaxing, positive atmosphere
  • Expert personal care
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Residents at Sterling Home will


Enjoy waking up to another delightful day


Develop meaningful new friendships


Feel secure knowing their needs are met

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